The room was hot the night before, so I left the windows open, but in the morning, it was too cold for me to remain asleep. My mind routinely acknowledged the fact that I was waking up in Kampala, Uganda. The air coming into the room from outside smelled like something was always on the grill — but it was really just the trash being burned on every street corner. There wasn’t a reliable trash collecting system in Uganda, so people burned their trash in their backyards. My old friend, Yasi, and I shared the two-bedroom apartment during the summer…

The bedtime stories we hear as a child often act as the prologue to our young dreams that, by morning, have started to sprout into new ideas and perspectives. Having just recently turned 20 a few months ago, my mind still wanders to the stories that my dad told me and my sister when we were growing up. The accounts of a teenage boy and his band of misfits escaping the grasps of the Iranian government and fleeing the country amidst a revolution that has altered the course of Iran’s history.

It was do or die; escape or be forced…

Kavon Badie

Here are some of my thoughts. Global citizen, Iranian-American, outdoor adventure, travel, startups, venture capital, Africa.

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